V I R T U A L   R E A L I T Y




Currently exploring Virtual Reality art with Tiltbrush, Masterpiece VR and Gravity Sketch. New projects are under development for immersive VR experiences through HTC Vive. These experiences aim to inspire and educate through visually interactive stories that broaden our everyday perspective. The ultimate goal is to bring people back to our connection with reality, through virtual reality. 

After working with Virtual Reality for a couple of years through the co production and showcasing of DIOTB in London, the potential of VR became adamantly clear. VR is an engine for empathy. If we harness the use of this technology with valued ethics and morals, it can carve a providential new road for human evolution. 

"Feeding our senses a stimuli that it is so similar to what we see in reality, that we interpret it as reality. In all other mediums your consciousness is interpreting a medium. but in VR there is no gap. You aren't internalising it. You are internal in it. It's a quantum leap in mediums because the medium is disappearing" - Chris Milk

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